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Varna Zoo

One of the most attractive places for both tourists and locals in Varna during the summer is the zoological garden. The visitors can watch animals and birds in almost natural environment and to see some rare protected kinds, which couldn’t be met in other Bulgarian zoos.

The need of zoo construction is originated with the gift of a fox to the local Division of Parks and Forests in the early 1950. Because there had been no zoo in that time, in 1955 the fox had escaped irrevocably from its cell. To prevent this happen again, local people had started the zoo building and in 1956 the first inhabitant of the new Varna Zoo was the bear Maxim. It had been given as a gift from the seamen of the Black Sea naval squadron. The bear had been chained to a tree till 1958, when the bear’s place had become ready. Today, the bear’s place is one of the most attractive places in zoo – a big area with high rocks where the bears climb up and play among bushes – created similar to their natural environment.

After the bear Maxim, many different kinds of animals and birds had been provided from the local hunting association as well as from many countries worldwide. Monkeys from India and other exotic specimens had found their new home in Varna zoo, which is settled down on the area of 6 acres.

Varna Zoo Exposition
Now the zoo disposes 72 different kinds of animals and birds, among which are ostrich, panther, llamas, camel, lions, tiger, pink pelican, peacock, etc. The Zoo is created a good water base for water birds among rich verdure. The visitors can watch the natural behavior of birds, while they float or plunge into the three cascade lakes. The Zoo is cared of 17 protected kinds of bids and animals, written in the Red Book of Bulgaria. Among the most reputable inhabitants are a couple of black swans, which are the only one of that kind in Bulgaria. Children and adults are attracted also by a couple of kangaroos, which came here in the end of 2007.

Getting To Varna Zoo
Varna Zoo is situated in the Sea Garden – a favorite place for walks and relaxation of the local population. Located near the big Monument to the fallen soldiers of the Russian-Turkish War, the zoo is just in 10 minutes walk from the central beach and the city-centre. Zoo is officially unveiled in 1961 and for a short time became a desirable place for visit.

Opening Times
The Zoo is open for visitors every day from 8.00 – 20.00 during the summer and from 9.00 – 17.00 during the winter.

The visit of zoo costs 1 lv for adults, for students and pensioners the price is discount to 0.70 lv and the entrance is free for disabled people and children under 3. During the period of 01.04 – 01.10 the first Sunday of each month is declared a free entrance day for children.

Phone: +359 - (0)52/ 30 25 28
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