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Varna Real Estate

Varna is known as the Sea Capital of Bulgaria. It is the largest and the most developed city in the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Its long beaches make it an ideal holiday destination in summer for tourists from various parts of the world.

Real Estate business in Bulgaria is one of the untapped resources in the whole of Europe that still remain unexplored so far. But at the same time it holds great promise of commercial value as well as domestic value for its owners. Real estate investors as well as people who are looking for a place to stay in Varna would be delighted to own a home in this beautiful city located in the Black Sea coast.

Commercial Value

The cost of properties in Varna is low and the cost of living is almost one-third of that in UK for instance. Varna is ideal for real estate investments. With an influx of foreign tourists in large numbers during summer, accommodation is always in high demand. People who travel for business purposes also abound throughout the year. Owning a piece of property for rental purposes has very good commercial value. The accommodation will probably be occupied throughout the year.

The availability of excellent university education in Varna has also attracted a number of students to this coastal city. Such students also need accommodation throughout the year. People who own residential properties can make good use of them by renting them out to students.

Domestic Value

Varna is also a very good place to reside with ones family. People who are accustomed to modern conveniences would always prefer to live in cities where such facilities are easily available. Such people would be highly attracted to the modern lifestyle of Varna.

Varna has immediate access to telephone facilities, mobile phones, cable / satellite TV and high speed internet.