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Varna Nightlife

Varna is one of the foremost cities in Bulgaria that is known for its vibrant nightlife. Youngsters from various regions spend the night meeting and getting to know each other. A large number of foreign tourists form a major part of the nightlife crowd in Varna. This coastal city literally plays host to party lovers from all over the world.

Night Clubs
The clubs and restaurants that are an intricate part of the nightlife here virtually operate till the sun comes up the next morning. Party folk stay up all night dancing to trendy music, and savoring mouthwatering dishes of exotic varieties. Some of the clubs that cater this kind of crowd are Alibi, Afera, Cargo, Cohiba club, Comics, Joker's Club, Horizont, Mamza, Mantra and The Martini Bar.

Some of the nice restaurants in Varna include Mehana Hushove, O'Neills Irish Pub, Happy, Hemus, Godzila, Kod Arhitekta and Chouchura. They serve regional as well as international cuisines. Restaurants here are known for their good food, great ambience and wholesome entertainment. Many of the restaurants are also located in shopping malls which are open almost throughout the night. So shopping and dining too are popular ways of whiling away the night.

Live Entertainment
Those who are more musically inclined would like to spend the night listening to live music. Popular local bands and upcoming artists perform in most of these places drawing huge crowds of youngsters. The venues that cater to such crowds are Cherno More, Horizont and Royal Classic, just to name a few.

Varna also gives importance to theatre as an art form. There are quite a number of theatres in Varna where dramas and plays are regularly run. Some of the most popular theatres in Varna include the Varna Opera Theatre, Drama Theatre Stoian Bachvarov and Puppet Drama Theatre Varna.

People hoping to go to a cinema can visit Festival & Congress Centre, Mustang Cinema, Movie Theater Bulgarian or Palace Cinema to spend the night. These cinemas run the latest movie releases as well as olden day movies.

Whatever your tastes are, you are sure to find something interesting to do at night in Varna. The city literally comes alive at night and it stays that way till the first rays of dawn. Once people visit Varna and experience for themselves the vibrancy of this beautiful city, they want to come back at least once a year for their holidays.