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Varna Mall

Varna Mall is currently the biggest mall in the whole of Bulgaria. It houses a huge supermarket, a 3D cinema hall, a number of restaurants and cafes, and a whole lot of other facilities solely meant for recreation. The mall is expected to virtually change the face of shopping and leisure activity in Varna.

Although Varna is known for its beaches and seaside resorts, the Varna Mall would probably become its main source of attraction for tourists as well as local residents. With holiday crowds, students and business people flocking the city everyday, the mall is sure to attract a lot of business in the days to come.

The total built-up area of the Varna Mall is 70,000 sq.m with a total shopping area of 33,000 sq.m, out of which around 2000 sq.m is occupied by Piccadilly Gourmet Supermarket. Around 800 sq.m is occupied by Capella Play, which is an entertainment center for children. The mall also has a total of eight cinema halls under its roof. Other attractions include a 3D cinema hall, video game parlors, 10 bowling lanes, a skating rink, a food court and provision for 880 parking spaces. Burger King and New Yorker are expected to open their facilities first in Bulgaria at this mall. The mall’s 150 stores have already been contracted for the maximum period of ten years.

People Involved
The Varna Mall was designed by the British designer Chapman Taylor who is known for designing some of the biggest trading centers in Europe. The mall was constructed by Interservice Uzunovi. The Cushman & Wakefield Company and their local partners Forton are handling property management and leasing services.

Getting to Varna Mall
The Varna Mall is located near the intersection between two of Varna's biggest traffic thoroughfares, Boulevard Vladislav Varnenchik and Boulevard Hristo Smirnenski which provides for excellent accessibility to the Varna International Airport as well as the Varna city centre which is hardly 5 minutes away.

Construction Details
The mall has been built with the best material available in the international market. This is also the first building in Varna that has been constructed using class B 35 concrete, which is the best used in the construction industry. The building is designed to withstand earthquakes of the magnitude of 9 on the Richter scale.

The mall is truly designed to international standards. All lifts are comfortable, spacious and silent during operation. There are special zones reserved for smokers. However smokers are not expected to smoke inside cinema halls, shops and in the children’s section. Cinema halls are also equipped to suppress telephone rings, which might disturb audiences during a show.

Opening times
The Shopping and Children center work every day from10am - 10pm, while the Cinema, Entertainment, and Food work from10am - 04am.

Varna Mall
186 Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd.
Varna, Bulgaria

Phone /fax: +359 070013111