Basic Facts About Varna

Varna is the 3rd largest city of Bulgaria and lies 470 km north-east of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, which also happens to be the largest Bulgarian city. It is a major tourist destination and a center for business and education. The city is easily accessible by air, sea, rail and road from other parts of Europe. Varna is known as the Marine (or summer) capital of Bulgaria due to the large number of tourist destinations and beach resorts along its Black Sea coast that draw large numbers of visitors from all over Europe.

One of the most beautiful countries in the region, Bulgaria combines incredible holyday opportunities for its visitors. Tourists will have the opportunity to visit majestic mountains, where they could visit interesting places like famous caves, to enjoy the nature, to get acquainted with the local culture and people, who are very friendly and open-hearted and even to climb into the mountain rocks under the guidance of skilled guides. But Bulgaria offers also a holyday on the Black Sea coastal, where holidaymakers will spend a wonderful time under the hot sun rays. Thousands of summer surprises are prepared for those, who have decided spend their holiday in Bulgaria.

History of Varna
The city of Varna or known as Odessus in the past time is one of the most attractive cities for summer tourism in Balkans. Its strategically location has played a main role for city’s cultural development and it has its influence over the other regions in Bulgaria. Varna’s rich archeological heritage, along with the architectural monuments draws here many scientists from all over the world. But undoubtedly, the wonderful sandy Black Sea beaches are the main reason for most tourists to come and spend their holiday here.

The Language
Bulgarian is an Indo-European language, being a member of the Slavic linguistic group. It is estimated that around 9 million to 12 million people around the world speak Bulgarian fluently.

The Currency
The unit of currency in Bulgaria is the lev, which is divided into 100 stotinki. On the 5th of July, 1999, the Bulgarian lev was substituted by a new lev in a ratio of 1,000:1. In other words, 1000 old leva equaled 1 new lev, the new lev being equivalent to 1 Deutsche Mark.

The Climate
The Maritime climate along the coast is characterized by warm, sunny days from May to October with mid-summer air temperatures averaging 83°F (28°C) and sea temperatures ranging from 73-77°F (23-25°C). Winter is cold, and many of the resorts shut down for the season.

Varna Tourist Attractions
There are a huge number of tourist sites in and around Varna that attract a large number of visitors. Some of the monuments that are popular among tourists are the Varna Cathedral, the Varna City Park, the Roman thermae and the Varna City aquarium. The Cultural centers in Varna include the Festival & Congress Centre and the Palace of Varna.

Black Sea Beach Resorts
The beaches of Varna and the resorts dotting the shore line are another major attraction for tourists. During July and August which are the peak holiday season, the sunshine allows 10-11 hours of sunbathing. The temperature is pleasant and stable. The sea is also very calm and perfectly free of dangerous tides.

Night Clubs
Varna is one of the foremost cities in Bulgaria that is known for its vibrant nightlife. The clubs and restaurants that are an intricate part of the nightlife here virtually operate till the sun comes up the next morning. Party folk stay up all night dancing to trendy music, and savoring mouthwatering dishes of exotic varieties.

Some of the nice restaurants in Varna serve regional as well as international cuisines. Restaurants here are known for their good food, great ambience and wholesome entertainment. Many of the restaurants are also located in shopping malls which are open almost throughout the night.

Live Entertainment
Those who are more musically inclined would like to spend the night listening to live music. Popular local bands and upcoming artists perform in most of these places drawing huge crowds of youngsters. Varna also gives importance to theatre as an art form. There are quite a number of theatres in Varna where dramas and plays are regularly run.

Sea Garden
The Sea Garden which is situated by the beach is the biggest park in Varna. Within the boundary of the park area, one can find the Seaside Baths, the Naval Museum, the Natural Science Museum, the Aquarium, the Astronomical Observatory & Planetarium and the Dolphinarium.

Varna Sea Port
The Port of Varna is the largest seaport complex in Bulgaria, located on Varna Bay along the west coast of the Black Sea. It has a significant potential of further development with 44 km of sheltered inland waterfront on the lakes alone, easily accessible by road and railroad. It is also adjacent to the Varna International Airport.