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Varna Accommodation

Finding a place to stay in Varna during your holiday is never a problem. This marine capital of Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast offers a wide variety of accommodations to choose from. Right from families and tour groups to students and backpackers can find places to stay that are appropriate to their taste and budget. The variety is so wide and the choices so huge in number that it is necessary for you to first decide what kind of accommodation you are looking for before you starting hunting for one. It is possible to get easily sidetracked if you are not sure what kind of place you want to stay in and what budget you have in mind.

Varna Luxury Hotels
On the on hand, there are a number of star luxury hotels for people who want to holiday in style. You could stay in a five star hotel for about 100 to 200 Euros per night. Four star hotels rates start from 90 Euros onwards. Three star hotels would charge between 35 to 80 Euros per night. Couples and families that are looking for a comfortable stay in classy surroundings, hoping to spend a lot of time lazing around the pool and relaxing themselves would really have a good time here. The following links would help you locate some of the best star hotels in Varna.

Varna Hotels
Of course not everyone would want to stay in a star hotel. Some tourists might want to spend their money in shopping and touring around the city while saving as much as possible on accommodation. Such people would prefer less expensive hotels which do not cost the earth but are at the same time neat, clean and have a number of facilities. Varna has a number of hotels in this category too and the following links would help you find some of the best low cost hotels in the city.

Varna Apartments
Tourists will have the opportunity to choose between many available apartments in Varna, where they can spend their holiday in more close interaction with the local people, than stay in hotels can offer. Owners are very friendly and warm-hearted and offer their help whenever the lodgers may need it. If the tourists prefer to prepare their meal themselves, renting of apartment provides an ideal opportunity for this. There will be either well-appointed kitchen or convenient kitchen box. There are many luxury apartments, which location is close to the city center and the beaches. Renting of apartment in Varna is preferable method of spending the holiday by many tourists and guests of this sea town.

Varna Hostels
Tourists, students and backpackers who are looking for inexpensive accommodation in Varna would find hostels appropriate for their needs. Rooms with shared accommodation would cost as low as 10 Euros, while single occupancy would cost around 15 to 25 Euros. These are great places to meet other tourists with similar interests and get to know each other through group activities. These hostels have a bar, table tennis and other indoor games, go-karting and a wide range of other activities to keep you busy. Breakfast is served free in some hostels.

Many hostels even provide a free pick-up service from the Varna train or bus stations. Some also run shuttle services between the hostel, the city, the beach and day trips to nearby attractions that offer water sports, go-karting, bungee and fishing. Those looking for cheap accommodation can find great hostels through the following link.

Villas for Rent
Another great way for families to spend their holiday is renting a villa for their stay. Renting a villa or apartment has quite a number of advantages when compared to spending the same amount of money staying in a hotel. Here a family can truly feel at home with all the privacy and comfort one needs. Almost all these villas come with fully equipped kitchens, linens and laundry facilities. They are rented to guests on a self-catering basis, where families can cook their own food and look after themselves without any form of hospitality service. A nice website to find great villas for rent in Varna is

Apart from searching for accommodations based on ones budget, people also look for places to stay based on the type of activity that they are interested in. Beach buffs that love swimming and surfing would naturally try to finding places as close as possible to the shore. Those that like hiking or hill climbing would go looking for hill resorts. And those that are more interested in shopping and visiting places of tourist interest would prefer to stay close to the city center.

No matter what type of a person you are and what kind of activity you are interested in, Varna has a lot of places that would offer the kind of accommodation that would truly suit your needs. All you need to do is spend some time searching on the web through the links shown here, and you are sure to find some great accommodation according to your taste and budget.